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Email is our preferred
means of communication.

All emails are answered asap! 

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Postal Address:  Our geographic location is Evesham, UK. Our full mailing address is freely and routinely given to genuine enquirers and purchasers.

Please note there are no visitor facilities and no shop or showroom, so ...


No Reply?  We reply to all emails.

If you don't get a reply try checking your spam filter (on-line too?) and in case you or your ISP are bouncing our emails, maybe resend your enquiry with a contact phone number. Bounces do occur regularly; we receive about a dozen most months, sometime two or three times that number, especially from AOL as below

Telecoms: As a mainly internet based venture we do not man the phones continuously but will always try to respond promptly to messages.


Do leave a short informative message, even better leave your email address that often gets the quickest response!

Sometimes you will get an odd 'foreign' sounding ringing tone as the call is transferred to one of our mobiles. This is to give you a better service and in this case your call will still be recorded as if to a normal land line - we pay for the transfer to the mobile, not you!

We work extended hours and may be available during the early evening up to about 8pm. Early mornings can be very busy and we may not be able to answer the phone then. Our answerphone is fully automatic and will always answer after five rings.

We rarely answer on Sundays.

Motorcaravanning co.uk is a web based venture.

Where goods or services are provided they are normally via direct delivery and there are no goods held on these premises, so calls in person are simply not appropriate.

This doesn't mean we are not accessible, on the contrary we will always try to respond to  all phone calls and emails as soon as possible.

Email is always our preferred means of communication but do read the bounce info left, it just might apply to you!


AOL users please note:  We get more email failures from AOL than from all the other ISPs put together. If you want a reply you should add motorcaravanning to your address book but you should also include your phone number and possibly your address to cover the times when AOL choose to bounce all our emails! (Usually when there are a lot of false-from-address emails in circulation).


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NB: We cannot under any circumstances accept classified adverts by 'phone.


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