Viruses? Spam? Scams? ...  Not from us!!

Many new email viruses use a trick to spoof (forge) the From address. These forged From addresses are either randomly generated or picked up from the infected computer. As a result you may receive an infected or spam email that claims to come from us - but this simply isn't true.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth since our entire network including our web & email traffic is heavily defended against viruses and frequent checks and program updates are made in addition to the constant background monitoring. We even use cross-checking between computers and between two different virus scanners to be absolutely sure that we strongly protect you - our valued visitors - at all times.

These forged or copied spoof addresses need not even be in an address book to be used by a virus since any visit to any web page will usually result in the visitor's PC 'caching' all the information seen - including any email addresses. Not surprisingly therefore our own addresses are held in the cache of thousands of computers along with thousands more addresses from many other websites. It's perhaps not surprising therefore that some of these forged 'From' addresses will seem to come from us.

I can only repeat this simply isn't true - we go to great lengths to stay 'clean' so that you can continue to enjoy all the great stuff on!